Nady HM-35 Mini-XLR Single Headset Microphone for Wireless - Beige

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Optimally designed for singing and speech applications, the HM-35's small size and light weight make it ideal for all hands-free use with minimum visibility.

Perfect for singers/musicians (drummers, keyboardists), vocal/dance performers, DJs, television announcers, public speakers, and aerobics instructors.

This item comes with 3-Pin MINI XLR connector only and is in the beige color. This is a headset only. Requires that you already own a wireless system with body-pack.


  • Wide bandwidth, omni-directional electret condenser mic ensures clean transparent audio and enhanced vocal pickup with improved gain before feedback
  • Durable, thin metal frame can be easily molded to any user
  • Ergonomic single-ear design and comfortable fit with or without glasses, hats, or headphones (also no hairstyle hindrance)
  • Tiny capsule with diameter of 5.0mm for lightest weight and hours of comfortable use
  • Foam windscreen included to reduce wind and popping noise
  • Extendable boom fully adjustable 100 degrees for optimum mic capsule placement
  • 3-Pin MINI XLR
  • Beige Color
  • Low voltage phantom power required (1.5-6VDC)